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Finalist for the European Press Prize  ‘Innovation Award’


Long-listed for the One World Media  ‘Refugee Reporting Award'


Syrian girls flee war only to become mothers in Jordan camp


Photo: Lin Taylor


'Ticking time bomb' as Pacific children bear mental scars of climate disasters


Photo: Lin Taylor


Sacked for being pregnant, Hong Kong maids called 'dogs', left homeless


Photo: Lin Taylor


In Jordan hospital, mental trauma scars children blown apart by bombs

Photo: Lin Taylor


Suitors, husbands spurn Middle Eastern women disfigured by war


Photo: Lin Taylor


Deported from the west, Afghans seek asylum in freezing Croatia

Photo: Lin Taylor

Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 20.07.47.png

For remote Vanuatu islanders, fleeing climate disasters is an uphill battle


Photo: Lin Taylor

Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 20.07.22.png

As winter looms, migrant children sleep rough in northern France

Photo: Lin Taylor

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